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All of our necklaces are plated. This means when they are constantly exposed to moisture, oil or alcohol, the plating can come off and reveal the colour of the original material used (e.g., brass). Thus, we recommend that you minimize the exposure. Also, after you wear a necklace, gently wipe it with a clean fabric and put it inside the pouch that we send along with a product.


Silver posts are softer than other posts and they can bend more easily. This can be easily fixed by readjusting the post. Moreover, since silver posts are not plated, they can be oxidized and show discoloration, which is natural and not considered faulty. 

Nickel-free posts are plated. Thus, the plating can come off more quickly when you wear them constantly (e.g., when you shower or sleep). 

Just like the necklaces, minimize the exposure to moisture, oil or alcohol and gently wipe the earrings and posts with a clean fabric after you wear them and keep them in the pouch.

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