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Hello. Cokamo is a Toronto based online jewelry and candle shop run by three sisters. Cokamo represents our names, "Co" is part of my name, "Ka" is part of my eldest sister's name, and lastly "Mo" is part of my second eldest sister's name.


We love curating jewelry and wear jewelry to express who we are. Each of us has a different taste and style, which is why we have a variety of fashion and handmade jewelry. "Ka" loves cute and simple jewelry, "Mo" loves  feminine and modern jewelry while I like more gender-neutral pieces. If you are like one of us, you will love our collections.


Also, don't forget to enjoy our handmade candles crafted from A to Z by my eldest sister.Thank you for supporting our small business and feel free to contact us through our website or Instagram @ cokamo.official. 

- By Co -

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Handmade in Canada

Every product is designed and handmade in Canada

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